Friday, September 14, 2007

An argument you will always lose… (TSF)

I've written on this topic before - but conversation over lunch with my husband today brought it to mind again and as we have been blessed with many new subscribers - I decided to revisit.
My husband has recently joined my gym. He mentioned today that for the past four days, he's been `going' to get there to work out. He was amazed at how quickly time had flown and he had yet to act on his good intentions.

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My advice to him was simple - “Don't have the argument.”
This simple statement was made to me years ago by another consultant in my company. This woman remains the most consistent sales person that I know - she is a wizard on the phone. Her words are, (to quote comedian Mike Myers) “like butter”.

When I asked her the secret of her consistency with her phone work - she said, “Don't have the argument. You will always lose.”
The argument is negative self-talk that goes on in your head when you have something to do that you don't necessarily want to do. It never fails - the voice of procrastination will always win out. Does this sound familiar?

“I need to hit the phones today. I told that gal I gave company information to that I would follow up with her.”

What time is it anyway?…Wow, I haven't had my cup of coffee yet.

“OK, I'm all set with my cup of coffee - I'm really going to get on the phone and call her.”
You know, I'd better check my email first - she might have sent me a message and wouldn't I feel stupid if I called her before I read what she had to say.

“Now I REALLY need to get on the phone.”
SHOOT - I forgot to get that stew in the crockpot for dinner - if I don't do it now we'll never eat!

“I AM going to get on the phone - right now - here I go…where is her phone number? Oops - it is three o'clock - the kids will be getting off the bus anytime now and I don't want to be on the phone when they come home. I'll call her tomorrow.”

No, TSF does NOT have super secret equipment set up to spy on you in your home. It is a simple case of “been there, done that.”

Post this reminder next to your phone, your refrigerator, your stationery bike, and any other place in your home or office that is a continual source of procrastination.

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