Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great Saturday Birthday Party

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Today was really fun. I did a 9 year old birthday party in 1.5 hours (I was the hit performer) and sold 7 lotions (one for each girl) with my $50.00 bday entertainer fee and party total was $160 ish! Total profit to me is the 7 lotions at 40% or $40.60 and my $50.00 = almost $100 which is a normal party profit so the bday party thing is GOOD! Love it!

The girls adored it and the Moms that were there want to have an adult party and the girls all have my card and website to tell Mommy and Daddy that they want a colletion for Christmas! Could definitely be a good thing! The Mom's were really interested in the Home Scents as well so I'm excited to see everything that product will open up for us.

Just put in all the sod at the flip house so heading to a late dinner and maybe this crazy movie hubby wants to see. Hope you all have a great weekend! I have a party almost every weekend this month! Loving it!

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