Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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Awesome book and I'm going to order! LOVE IT!

No matter whether you are in direct sales/party plan for the first time or are a seasoned veteran - we at TSF can not recommend highly enough Dare to Dream, Work to Win by Dr. Tom Barrett. Dr. Barrett has specialized in working on Capitol Hill for twenty years with members of Congress and with corporate leaders. He holds two masters degrees and a Ph.D. in psychology.

In his book, Dare to Dream, you will read about the psychology of personal success, discover how to think and live as an entrepreneur, how to effectively lead a downline, how to set realistic financial expectations and much more.
This quick read and easy to understand book will help you to truly understand the ups and downs of the business.

“Anytime I had a new consultant in their first 6 months who was frustrated and thinking about quitting I would give them this book and ask them to read it before they made their decision. Nine out of ten times they came back to me after reading it and said `I get it now!'” - Teresa Garrison, The Success Factory

The key to success in direct sales is truly understanding the difference between having a boss and being your own boss and helping your team members do the same.

“This book is an absolute must-read for the newest entrepreneur and for the veteran of network marketing. It is full of new, inspiring insights that will condition you, and all who read it, for success. I wish I had this book when I began my business.” - Rosetta Little, Top 1% MLM income earner

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