Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A reason to call…

Isn't it great when your company runs a special sale or promotion? It certainly can make it easier to pick up the phone and call customers.

However, there are lots of reasons to be in touch with customers - even if there isn't a current special from your home office.

A la David Letterman - here's a top ten list of reasons to call your customers:

Reason #10 - It's FALL! We have new products - why not get your friends together for a fun girl's night out?

Reason #9 - Happy Anniversary to me! I'm celebrating _________ years/months in the business and offering my customers a ________ % discount this week only.

Reason #8 - Now is THE BEST time to join me in this business. The fall is a time that people love to get together and PARTY!

Reason #7 - Now is THE BEST time to join me in this business. It's a great way to earn some extra CASH for the holidays!

Reason #6 - Won't you come to my house for a party? I'm having a drawing for a mystery hostess from amongst all those who attend.

Reason #5 - I know that last fall you ordered ________________. This fall, we have _______________ (another complementing product).

Reason #4 - How is the __________________ that you ordered last month working out?

Reason #3 - Who do you know who might like a FREE catalog mailed to them?

Reason #2 - You were such a great hostess last fall - when can we get together again this fall?

Reason #1 to call your customers and hostesses - just to say - THANK YOU for your past business - how can I best service you between now and the holidays?

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