Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fourth Quarter Success Strategies for Leaders and Future Leaders

As with traditional retailers, the fourth quarter of the year is the time when many of us make a large chunk of our sales and our income.

If you are a team leader or a future leader, the task of juggling your personal sales and recruiting with your leadership duties can be daunting at times.

For the next several days we will offer some tips to help you maximize your success and minimize your stress.

1. Major points to remember:

a. If you are working towards management then think and act like a team leader and soon, you will be one!

b. KISS your business! (Keep it simple sweetie!)

c. OVERBOOK yourself for both parties and recruiting appointments and NEVER walk alone (whenever you can - bring a new team member with you! GREAT on the job training!)
Whenever possible - DELEGATE!

MEETINGS! Plan them in advance.

Help out with planning of local meetings or start holding your own.

Use meetings to provide ongoing training

Emphasize to your team to BRING GUESTS to facilitate MAXIMUM team recruiting!

Begin the grooming process of new team leaders by asking enthusiastic team members to help with the planning.

Share monthly team goals and work with your team to strategize how to achieve those goals.
Make sure meetings are fun and upbeat!

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