Thursday, September 27, 2007

Short and Sweet

Today's post is short and sweet. It's a quote from Bill Cosby:

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone."

Bill Cosby

I've learned in this last year that it's impossible to do everything for everyone. I'm very excited to have a ton of activity and growth going on in the team and I'm learning that rewarding those that are working hard and spending time with them really pays off! I know that it can be really lonely at times being remote from your upline (I am too!) but continue to work, recruit, and book workshops and things will continue to grow for you.

I actually received an email today from someone that wanted to feature UB on their site and advertise for me free of charge. I cracked up as I've been paying for ads and doing a ton of legwork for a year and here they want me! It was a lovely change and of course I accepted graciously.

Here is my things to do list for this week:

  1. Get out the party invites for Vera's party
  2. Finish the Peridot Spa Samples and get those to the boutique
  3. Prepare for Saturday's Urban Botanic Bday Party
  4. Prepare the silent auction gift for Urban Fashion Network
  5. Order the postcards for Seattle Spin Girl Event
  6. Prepare a fragrance for Seattle Spin Girl
  7. Get over my cold!

Hope you all have a great week as well!

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