Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting on the Soap Box

I rarely get on my soap box (ok at least I feel like I rarely do LOL) but when we have a team call as great as the one we had Sunday and announce a whole new method to grow your business out of infancy and only 4 team members show up AND no team members that missed have called in yet (yes I actually get a report from the phone company) I really get miffed!

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I want you all to succeed so much and make UB the last stop of job searching or opportunity searching in your lifetime! So please please please pacify your Manager and LISTEN to the call back:

Conference Play Back Playback Number: (641) 985-5009 Access Code: 805628#

I really want your opinion and feedback on this new system and how you think it will work for you. Try it and see!

Thanks for keeping me sane and let me know what you think of the call.



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