Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh reality is a bitch isn't it! LOL As we stepped off the Golden Princess this morning I realized that my week of eating like an insane piggy, sleeping for 3-4 hour naps a day and living in the casino til 2am was officially OVER! This cruise was probably the most relaxing vacation I've ever taken and it was WONDERFUL! I almost cried when I came home to the messy house I had left and though I missed my rambunxious 8 year old he's already upstairs playing Dance Dance Revolution and has moved on to "regular" life, I will truly miss being waited on and not having to "deal" with all the moving targets I call life.

No cell phone or email was honestly easier to get used to than I imagined. Hubby actually spent some time in the internet cafe but I knew that I'd NEVER get through enough email at 75 cents a minute to even make a dent. I was right! 350 emails from the Urban Botanic account and I haven't even opened Microsoft email for fear that I'll have a heart attack. That's the one thing I hate about vacation is coming home to 5x the work you left.

My Mother was probably the happiest to see me as she had full time Dallon duty and babysits my nephew quite a bit but she didn't look to worse for wear. We're getting ready to head down to the flip house and check on progress.

I'll share out pics and experiences later on in the week. Right now I'm still getting my land legs back. I'm excited to hear about everyone's progress and I've already heard some exciting things that we'll be sharing on the call tomorrow night!


Lauri H said...

I'm so glad it was easy for YOU to get used to no cell phone or email, but those of us who missed your last job post thought you were dead.

So if the state troopers seem extremely interested in your house, it's just because I filed a missing persons report.


UB SoCal said...

Welcome Back Shawna! I'm going through Shawna withdraws! LOL! Seriously...glad you're safely back!