Monday, October 29, 2007

Be Your Own Critic

Today's Tip

This tip came from one of our subscribers - Lisa S. WE JUST LOVE this idea Lisa….and you said it best:

I just had a light bulb moment recently and wanted to share it with you. Another direct seller and I were talking about some challenges some of our team members were having. They call and call and call and never get parties. Why, we ask? Well, let's give our downline the assignment of calling THEMSELVES and leaving a message and either ask yourself to book a party OR ask to recruit yourself in the business. Later, have them pick up their message and let them ask themselves "Would I book a party from me?" or "Would I like to be in business with me?" This way, THEY are their own critic , not you.

For the call replay from last night's New Member Orientation Dial:

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We had a great call last night with some great questions and wonderful input!

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