Thursday, October 18, 2007

Powerful Partnerships

There is nothing more important in building your business than to create powerful partnerships. I've been very lucky to do that with Melody from CRAVE and Darnell Sue from Girl About Town and now Seattle Spin Girl! I wanted to share her newsletter and the fact that 7500 people viewed it last month. That may not seem astronomical but the fact that it's ALL LOCAL views makes it really important to me ;)

Here is her newsletter she just sent out and I'll put in blue the parts I'm taking part in...

Seattle Spin + Girl About Town = Seattle Spin Girl. Your Chic Seattle Resource

My Girl About Town blog for the Seattle PI has been steadily increasing from month to month since its inception in January, with September seeing 7,500 page views. That was an increase of 2,000 views over August! Because of this growth, (and probably because of my sassy voice, yah baby!), I have joined Seattle Spin to create Seattle Spin Girl, an more in depth extension of my PI Blog. Go to to sign up for the Seattle Spin Girl newsletter, launching in two weeks. To celebrate Seattle Spin Girl, we'll be holding a private launch party at Veil next week that will be covered by D-List Magazine (Seattle's newest Entertainment/Fashion/Lifestyle Magazine), so if you received the Evite, please RSVP ASAP. If you have not received the Evite, please let me know if you would like to attend, as there is a limited amount of space available. - I'll be attending the Veil invite only event and have put together a scent for Seattle Spin Girl (thanks to Jeanette W) with postcards and lotion samples in all the goodie bags. I'll also be contributing a big gift bag of UB garb as one of the prizes. Lots of exposure, press and fun stuff I usually don't get to enjoy first hand ;)

In other news, I'll be spinning (aka: DJ'ing) at the Clubvibes Boogie Monster Halloween Party at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club on Wednesday, October 31st. Yes, there are a million Halloween Parties going this month, but I'm only playing at one of them, so that makes it extra special. Cover = $10. Driving Time to Ballard = 25 minutes. Seeing Darnell Spin Groovy Records in a Haute Halloween Costume = Priceless.

If that wasn't enough to mull over, take this! Girl Power Hour. Have you heard of it? If not, let me dish. Girl Power Hour is Seattle 's newest (and chic'est - I made that up) women's social group bringing young, creative, savvy and business-minded women together in a casual environment. GPH was created by myself and my galpal Samantha who, after meeting at a run-of-the-mill networking event, felt there was a more engaging and groovier way to meet fabulous women. Our first event was held in September at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club (darn I love this place), where around 100 women from varying creative industries came to socialize, make connections and hopefully a few new friends. We had over 20 donated door prizes (thanks to our sponsors!) and a goodie bag for everyone. Our next event will be held on November 15th - RSVP at *If you are interested in donating a Door Prize or something for our Goodie Bags, please let me know! - I know that Kelsey and I will both be jumping on Girl Power Hour. I think it will be fun and I plan to attend the next one in November. Great networking with great minds that can really help you get your business off the ground. Regardless of people's spin on direct sales, you can find ways to infiltrate (just like I did with Crave's goodie bags) and can change the opinions of those that feel it's a lesser business by showing them how IN it really is :)

Lastly, is currently under construction. Once finished, you'll be able to keep tabs on the Girl About Town PI blog, Seattle Spin Girl and Girl About Town Mobile Hair & Airbrush Makeup - Coming Soon! Please check back!

I plan to learn about Darnell's new mobile make up and find out how UB's personalized scent could be a part of it!

Stay Stylish,

Darnell Sue Girl About Town, LLC Girl Power Hour

Dates to Remember:
10/19 - Columbia Tower Club Masquerade Party
10/20 - Emerald City Swank, Bell Harbor
10/25 - Seattle Spin Girl Launch @ Veil
10/26 - Just Cauz Halloween Party
10/27 - Freaknight and Zombie Prom
10/29 - Seattle Spin Girl 1st newsletter - to sign up!
10/31 - Clubvibes Halloween Party @ Shilshole Bay
11/3-4 - Crave Party!

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scenester said...

Thank you Shawna for being such a great partner and advocate, I really appreciate your passion, your creativity and your willingness to help! You rock!