Friday, October 26, 2007

Ten Ways You Can Support Your Downline

By: Audrey Okaneko

As the team is continuing to grow and many of you are adding your first team members, I thought this article was time appropriate:

Very often in direct sales, folks will ask “how can I help my downline?” Here are ten suggestions of ways to support your downline:

1. Prepare a series of emails that you’ll send to the new person, either one per day, or one per week, depending on how much material you cover. These emails can contain any combination of the information below, or they can contain information on how to host your first party or how to get your first customer. (Thanks to Corp for already doing this)

2. Send a list of phone numbers. Include your phone number, your uplines phone number and the phone numbers to the various departments at your company.

3. Send a list of links to the company, where to order, where to view downline information, where to view personal monthly sales, and where to read about the compensation plan. (This is great - I plan to put these together for the team)

4. In addition to all of the prepared emails and prepared literature, either call or email your new recruit at least once a week for the first month. (I think this is crucial and I'll be taking a lesson from it as well)

5. Most companies offer many support materials. Send a list of what is available and what each of the products are. (Thank you UB Library!)

6. Create a Yahoo Group, or a team website with message boards where you can communicate with your group on a regular basis. This website or group will be available to not only those you sponsor, but also the folks they in turn sponsor. This creates an overall strong group connection with everyone learning and sharing together. (Feel free to utilize teamburst instead of re-inventing the wheel)

7. Make sure you establish a relationship with the downline of your first level recruits. You never know when your first level person might quit, or might become inactive and you don’t want to lose their downline as well. Establishing a relationship with those in your 2nd level, 3rd level etc, helps to ensure everyone’s overall success.

8. Offer incentives to your entire group. One time offer a prize to the top seller. Another time offer a prize to the person who sponsors the most during the contest time. I know some folks who have offered prizes like a fax machine. Other prizes might be sample products, or full size demo products. You might offer a business book, or any other tools that will help your downline increase and build their business. Incentives can be a month long or even a quarter long. I know a few times, I’ve received plaques and awards for year long overall sales or sponsoring.

9. Either through a newsletter or through your team website or Yahoo Group, offer articles relevant to your company or product line. Invest the time to find articles that will be beneficial to your team members.

10. Recognize birthdays. Everyone loves to be told “Happy Birthday”. Make a point of sending a card or small gift to your downline on their birthday. Small gifts would be more appropriate for top achievers, while cards are more appropriate for the rest of your group. By following these suggestions, you’ll contribute to building a strong, solid team.

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