Thursday, October 11, 2007

Team meetings - Do's and Don'ts

Whether you are currently conducting team meetings or plan to in the future as your business grows - the following are some basic guidelines that will make your meetings something your team members will want to attend!

Team meeting `Do's'

DO have a timed agenda
DO begin and end on time!
DO ask someone to act as timekeeper
DO involve other team members by asking them to prepare and present.
DO display product
DO have a meeting focus and train on a specific topic
DO have fun!
DO have a `parking lot' - (a flip chart or dry erase board to post any topics that come up not on the agenda to be discussed later…this will keep the meeting running on time).
DO encourage people to invite guests!
DO have fun!
DO end your meeting with a challenge and an inspirational quote or `heart-tug'.

Team meeting `Don'ts'
Don't forget to make a special point to help guests and newcomers feel comfortable
Don't do all the talking yourself - delegate meeting responsibilities to help groom future team leaders
Don't let the discussion go off on `rabbit trails' - use the Parking Lot (see above)
Don't allow negativity - your meeting standard should be positive and upbeat - address business challenges that come up by training team members to be solution oriented.
Don't wait until the last minute to plan meetings - be prepared and organized so that people leave feeling as though it has been worth their time to attend.
Don't forget how important recognition is!
Do review important dates and important deadlines - DON'T waste meeting time reading aloud from company newsletters

Don't forget this DO AHEAD recipe for a good meeting (the following ingredients need to be prepared and delegated in advance:

Start with a meeting facilitator/planner
Add the following:
1-2 greeters
1 Time keeper
Team members who are shining in areas such as sales, recruiting, product knowledge etc; to help with training
Season with a mix of door prizes and raffles
Blend in some upbeat music
Fold in a helping of light refreshments
Finish with clean up!

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