Saturday, October 20, 2007

Selling the sizzle, not the steak…

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Yesterday I wrote a little about my experience buying a new stove and touched on the issue of benefit selling.

Certainly, the features of products are important - what size is it, how many pieces does it have, what is the color, etc;

So, how do we transition from feature to benefit selling?

Take a look at your product line. List at least 50 features of the products that you carry. Then, next to each feature write “so this means that…” and you fill in the blank.

For example - when we bought our home, my realtor said to me - “Look at the amount of counter space in this kitchen - can't you just see yourself baking Christmas cookies?”
Get the idea?

Obviously, you won't share every benefit of every product in your line - this is where the listening part of your job comes in. Ask good questions and listen, listen, listen to what your customer says in order to match benefits with what your customer is looking for.

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