Monday, October 8, 2007

First Party Selling Home Scents And My Stats...

So Saturday was a party that was supposed to have about 30 people but unfortunately for the hostess ended up with closer to 8/9. I had about 7 people at my presentation and wanted to share the sales and how things went. I did book 2 parties from it surprisingly enough. This is an area UB really hasn't penetrated yet so it'll be interesting.

This was also the first time I've presented the Home Scents at a party and I was BEYOND pleasantly surprised at the results.

This party was smaller and the sales were $150 lower than my usual total but still everyone except for one girl that couldn't handle the smell of the scents (according to her) bought.

Ruth was loads of fun and is my tentative party giver. She purchased a shower gel and a lotion and was very excited about her concoction naming it Ruth"less."

Tina #1 was a little slower to grasp everything and find scents she liked and ended up making a lotion for her daughter that turned out really nice. She actually ended up using Tina #2's recipe but that was no problem for either of them. She's also interested in throwing a party.

Tina #2 is a constant party goer of mine and good friend. She was saving her pennies for the purses that came after me (another reason I rarely ever do a more than one vendor party fyi) but bought a new shower gel.

Darlene was the hostess' Mom and actually the most excited and into it. She mentioned having a party as well with some help from the others. She made herself the party special in Gardenia, White Tea, and Egyptian Musk and it was heavenly.

Kim wasn't as lucky in finding the "personal" scent she wanted and would probably have been a shower gel or lotion only kind of girl but she loved the clean smell of Verbena, Sandalwood, and White Tea together and chose that for a full Home Collection! YES a $50.00 order for someone I would have considered a possible lost sale. She was really wanting her home to have a "clean" smell which everyone verified this combination was doing for her.

Shannon was my hostess and had just signed as a Home Interiors consultant. She was so busy and again wasn't finding "the scent" for her and since she had earned a free product I took the $19.99 price of the Warmer off of her home scent collection and she paid for the rest. Plus it doesn't hurt my regular commission on that because Corp doesn't take the $10 savings out of our commission.

After this many parties you'd think I'd have it down but I forgot the coffee beans. No one noticed or even said anything but I know they're helpful so no worries - I forget the tape to cover the writing and the sharpie pens as well at times. You just make due!

So what could've been a partially "just ok" party, turned into a really decent one with $150 in sales and 2 parties to book.

Next weekend is a party with probably 10-15 ladies at Vera's house (one of my 1st consultants ever hired finally doing her 2nd party ever LOL). Never give up on people! Another lesson learned this weekend :)

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