Monday, October 15, 2007

Special Cash Bonus Program for Hostesses

In reading some articles on I ran across this cash back plan for hostesses that I found interesting. It really helps in preparing them to help you "book" parties which is a big need for everyone that's new on the team. You can edit the dollar amounts to suit what you think is reasonable but I think these are pretty reasonable when you consider the amount you'll make with 3 parties :)

"For your upcoming In-Home Shows......try this! WHO knows your Hostesses friends and family better than the Hostess....When you arrive at the Hostesses home, after you set up and you are waiting for Guests to Attend....Tell your hostess that you have a "Special Cash Bonus Program for Hostesses"

Hand her 3 Hostess Packets. Tell her she knows her family and friends better then you do, and ask her to find out who, out of her friends and family would want to have a Show.....for the 1st Booking she will receive.... $10 in Free Merchandise, for the 2nd Booking she will receive.... $25 in Free Merchandisefor the 3rd Booking she will receive.... $50 in Free Merchandise.

You can explain to her that she can be the 3rd Booking and schedule a Fall/Christmas Show and she would be staring her Show with $50 FreeAt the End of the Show.....Thank everyone for coming ...Explain our Services and what we have to offer....

In-home shows, Brochure shows, Fundraisers....etc, etc, Also inform her of all Hostesses receive....And, I would like everyone to take Advantage of Our Free Program. If you are Considering on having a Show See Our Hostess __Name____ she has all the Hostess Packets

After the Shows are Held the Hostess receives her $10, $25 or $50 in Free merchandise......and don't you think she will make sure the Shows Hold! She wants her Cash Bonus! ( Or use amounts that will work with your Party Plan Business.)
These tips were submitted by:
Madelyn Santana
Decorating Consultant

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