Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Motivating Strategies

“I just need to get motivated!”

What can you do to get motivated? Are you waiting for someone else to do it for you? Perhaps you think that this is the job for your manager.

It is true, part of a team leader's job is to train her team, hold them accountable and cheer them on; motivation is something that must come from within.

However, there are some specific things you CAN do to keep yourself motivated.
Feed your mind. Spend a few minutes each day reading something inspirational.
Use your car as a traveling library. Take advantage of time on the road to listen to motivation and training CD's.

Challenge a buddy! If you are having trouble getting on the phone - call a buddy and agree to blitz the phones for the next hour. Whoever gets the best results gets treated to Starbucks.

Reconnect with your current goals. It is the 4th quarter - how are you doing with the goals you set for the end of this year in January? What do you need to do in order to hit those goals?

Make a plan and then ask your upline to help you stay accountable. Break it into bite-sized chunks. What will you do TODAY, this week, this month and through the end of the year?
Imagine yourself having already achieved your goal - really picture it in your mind. Ask yourself - Where are you? What are you seeing, hearing, doing, wearing, etc;

How does success feel - imagine that feeling right now.

WRITE IT DOWN and/or cut out some pictures to help bring the feelings back to life. If you are working towards a trip - get some travel brochures. If you are working towards a new car or a new couch - post pictures somewhere you will see it often.

Write an affirmation statement and carry it with you on a 3x5 index card. For example - It's January 2008 and my husband and I have just stepped onto the beach in Hawaii. The sand is warm between my toes, the sun is shining brightly on my face and the pina colada I am sipping is icy cold and sweet. He and I are taking our first vacation alone in years and it is wonderful to reconnect with him. I feel so proud that all the work I did last year helped me to earn this all inclusive trip for us!

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