Monday, October 22, 2007

Using Themes in your Urban Botanic Business

As I thought about what I was going to blog on today, it hit me that Halloween is just around the corner and this week is a bit crazy with the Seattle Spin Party on Thursday night. Themes have a way to really work themselves into our business in a fun and inexpensive way to add some much needed flair to the regular UB Party.

I wanted to throw a couple things out there that I've been doing and also get some great ideas from the team...

First on the birthday party angle, I've been collecting cellphane bags in cute designs like Hawaiian and Dragon Fly with matching ties that I use to send home the lotions or bubble baths at bday parties with just one product. I add my card into the bag and tie it off and the girls can see through them so they know which concoction is their's for the taking.

For my last party I used dollar store Halloween Treat bags for those that purchased 1-2 products and again added my card so they would have everything they needed to contact me and remember their "treat."

With Christmas coming I may use a holiday them and I have also used the "Christmas in July" theme for something different and fun. This gives the hostess an easy way to throw in some refreshments and allows me to help with the color scheme and basically all the how to's to make her UB party fabulous and memorable.

What types of themese have you or do you plan on using in your business for variety?

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UB SoCal said...

I love the "theme" idea. I found at the Dollar Tree store a pack of travel bottles. It has 2 mini tubs with screw on tops, 3 mini lotion bottles and a mini bath sponge...all for a dollar. I separate the pack and put one container into a small zip lock bag with my card. I have a whole basket of them and allow anyone that buys a lotion to take one so that they can easily carry their Signature Lotion with them in their purse. I give bath sponges to anyone that buys a shower gel or bubble bath. They love them...and the cost me less than 20 cents each. Now I will see if I can find holiday bags to put them in.