Friday, October 12, 2007

Sometimes it just really sucks...

I know the title is a bit off for my usually upbeat post but today has been a bittersweet day in a lot of different ways.

First of all, many of you know that hubby and I have been flipping a house for the last 3 months and FINALLY this baby is on the MLS (see here). I would've hoped for the sell it in 3 hours like the last one did but unfortunately as you all know nationwide the housing market is at a standstill. I will have to find the before pictures of this house so you have an inkling of the "before" on this baby and how far we've really come with it. For Christmas all I want is for it to sell and us to relax about not paying the mortgages triple anymore :).

I also have a lot of past clients that I work with in the financial services industry and one of them is my best friend's Mom. Her husband passed away in August and I handle all of their investments. She left me a "message" on my cell today letting me know she has a new friend, (woman) that understands the new journey in her life and will be taking over being her financial planner and she'll be moving all of her investments (mind you they are doing FANTASTIC) away from my guidance but "thanks anyway for all you've done."

To be honest this is a client that will probably be better off with someone her own age that she respects and if she's taken advantage of my conscience is clean. I let her know the pitfalls to look out for with this new "friend" and hopefully she'll listen, but she has her free agency to choose whatever path she takes and I can't protect her.

Losing a client is a lot like losing a Fragrance Designer. I'm happy to say that the attrition rate in the Hive is only about 20% and that's truly amazing. So many people commit to the idea of running a business and the glamorous life they believe it will be. The quick money making/fix my life opportunity that we "should" ALL know doesn't exist. Any business worth doing takes a ton of work, commitment, and effort and also longevity to see results.

There are peaks and valleys and business can also be very seasonal. Sometimes you just have to realize that staying positive or choosing to be negative is a choice and though it may be difficult at times, choosing to stay positive will continue to attract great opportunities and other positive people in your life.

The more you dwell on the negatives, the more they keep coming your way. So note to self - remembering the incredible team I have with UB, the new parties and events I have this month, and the fact that the house is finally on the market and such a great floor plan even though there is a lot of inventory, there isn't any competition!


Kim said...

Thank you for this post, Shawna. Sometimes it helps to hear about struggles among the other, more positive posts.

I will pray that your flip sells soon!

UB Queen Bee said...

Thanks Kim! Everyone is human and we can't be superstars all the time so I'm glad to let you all in for glimpses of my imperfection occasionally! ;)