Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Darlene Debardelben - NC

I am a married mother of five and a grand mother of eight living in New Bern, NC. My birthday is February 19. I have a degree in culinary arts, I’m a publisher poet, and I love the arts. Twice a week, I teach voice to some of the area children who attend Shooting Star Performers, Inc. a nonprofit arts group.

While I was on one of the WAHM sites, browsing the new businesses section, I came across Shawnas' ad. I inspected her site then gave her a call. The decision for me was two fold. The first being, Shawnas' honesty and her willingness to help me understand the business. This is one of the key factors and should be for anyone wanting to join any business. If Shawna had shown the slightest bit of disinterest in having me as a team member or answering my questions, "I Wouldn't Have Signed up!"

A firm example is the story on the blog about the consultant who went to buy a stove. Please read it if you haven’t. The second, was Shawnas' willingness to save me money. Shawna could have allowed me to spend $89.00 to experiment with the signature collection but she didn’t. Her concern was that I would be spending more money than I needed to spend. These are qualities of a true leader and business women. As consultants we want to make money but money should not be the guiding factor of our business. If we will put the needs of the customer first, our business would soar. Customers will always remember that we cared about how and what they felt and most of all we met their needs.

There are no words to explain what’s going on here. My father gave me his blessings and blessed my business last night, My daughter and her friends are hosting shows for me, and several family members have begun to save money to sign on. If I said, "I don't have support I would be lying." For the first time, I have been blessed with an overwhelming amount of support. My fathers’ blessings and prayers have left me speechless. Please know that I am willing to help any one of you. If you have advice, I am willing to listen. We are never too old to learn.

What were your results on the personality test? What is your strongest scent family and do you agree with the results? I love flowers and fruit. The test couldn’t be more accurate. Floral 25% and fruity 25%.

I am a business builder and plan to be with UB for years to come. By next year, I will have a team of consultants who want to build a business as well.

What is one personality trait you have that you think will help you be successful at UB? I am my names’ sake, Beloved.

Shawna's Note:

First of all thanks Darlene for all your kind words! I know you were attracted to the UB for all the right reasons and I'm glad that I could be a part in your journey. Darlene will be a huge success here because she's really focused on the basics and that's scheduling A LOT of parties before her kit arrives and setting herself up for success. With almost 10 parties booked she will have many places to go and financially pay off her kit in her first week! CONGRATS!

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