Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fourth Quarter Success Strategies for Leaders and Future Leaders - Part 2

Today we continue our `mini-series' on success strategies to help you balance at this busy time of year.

When working with your team - here are some additional tips:

Keep your team calendar up to date.

Be sure your team has at least 10-15 selling events scheduled each month!

Ask team members to share their personal goals and help them to be accountable for them.

Track fairs, opportunity nights and recruiting appointments.

Motivate your team to constantly add to the team calendar.

Identify your active sellers.

Help them create a plan and track it with them.

Set up a call schedule (jointly agree on frequency). Keep the calls short and to the point - business focused and specific.

Start a savings account NOW for next year's convention and encourage your active sellers and recruiters to do the same.

Make the most of your time.

Use the internet wisely. Make sure the time spent is revenue/business generating activity or to support your team members.

Give recognition of accomplishments immediately.

Let your company provide the prizes - you provide lots of recognition and praise!

Maximize on-the-job training. Take new consultants to parties, recruiting appointments and fairs.

Have your future leaders share training and meeting responsibilities.

Encourage all team members to host their own parties or open houses.

Keep on selling to present a strong role model to your team.

Keep on recruiting!

Recruit enough new people to keep your team strong.

Make a goal to invite ten people to join your team each week. Statistically one in ten will join - so, that means four new team members joining each month.

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john said...

This Success Strategies blog gives a very good idea to the leaders and future leaders that they should work in a team and keep the team up to date, and it is important for team members to share their potential goal and also help them to be accountable, motivate the team in order to achieve desired results in the company. These will help in improving the business tactics.