Saturday, October 13, 2007

Meeting THEME ideas - continued

Any party is always easier to plan when you have a theme to wrap it around. The same holds true for your team meetings. The following is a potpourri of some themes you might consider using at your next team meeting:

Airplane trip - Set the meeting up as a plane trip. First time attendees get their wings. Have each consultant rank take a role as a pilot, navigator, etc. Put chairs in rows and have flight attendants pass out refreshments and handouts. Great for getting ready for convention!

Scoop Meeting - After convention, plan a meeting where those who attended share the `convention scoop' with everyone else. Everyone brings a topping and ice cream sundaes are served!

Flower Exchange - Have everyone bring a flower or plant to exchange for spring gardens. Every plant is assigned a number and attendees draw a number to identify their new flower!

I Can't Funeral - Make a shoe box into a black coffin. Everyone wears black. Each person writes down the things they want to do in their business, but feel they can't do. Then the funeral procession starts and all the “I Can'ts” are buried.

Spring Into Action - Have small pots and packets of seeds available. As part of the meeting, each person says how they are going to plant seeds for the current month in their business. Everyone goes home with a pot and watches it grow!

Fall Harvest - Talk about everything you have done the entire year to work your business, and then talk about what needs to happen to have a big harvest. Decorate with fall plants and pumpkins

Fall Survival - Have a `hands on' get together to assemble hostess and recruiting packets and share quick dinner ideas and recipes.

December meeting ideas - A great time to have an ornament exchange or host a get together
with spouses. A white elephant gift exchange makes for a great party mixer!

As you build your local teams this becomes even more important to look at ways to draw the team together. Remotely you can host "cyber" meetings and mail different things before hand, etc. You'll find key people on your team that can really cheer lead the system and make sure to reward them appropriately!

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