Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Article Marketing Oppty on Synergi Group for Urban Botanic

Hello Team and Happy Tuesday!

I've been working with Rashell @ Synergi Group (http://www.syngergigroup.com/) who had posted the following info for their Ezine called "Forward"

GET INVOLVED, GET PUBLISHED! Everyone has an area of expertise not possessed by the general population. Are you an attorney, accountant, marketing guru or an expert in another field? If so, we extend the opportunity to you to write articles based on your knowledge area. Other women entrepreneurs need your advice. Email your topic idea to https://webmailcluster.perfora.net/xml/webmail/mailDetail;jsessionid=A943647133B8519AA301F8B348A4302B.TC130a?__frame=_top&__lf=AdresseUebernehmenFlow&__sendingdata=1&resyncFolder.Doit=true&resyncFolder.TreeID=leftNaviTree&createMail.Action=create&createMail.To=rashelloneal@synergigroup.com&__jumptopage=mailNew&__CMD[mailDetail]:SELWRP=resyncFolder&__CMD[mailDetail]:SELWRP=createMail. This is a great PR opportunity!

I asked her to share out the themes for the rest of the year so that for those of you are incredible writers, this is a chance to get noticed and also have your website address and email at the bottom of your article for all of those impressed entrepreneur types to check out!

April 2007 - Spring Forward (Organization)

May 2007 - Building Enduring Relationships (Customer Service and Networking)

June 2007 - The Inspirational Issue (Success Stories)

July/August 2007 - The Best of Forward (Recap of Articles in the year)

September 2007 - Power Marketing (Marketing and Branding Issue)

October 2007 - Weathering the Seasons (Preparing for business ebbs and flows)

November 2007 - Giving Thanks

December 2007 - Strategic Planning and Goal Setting and Holiday Gift Guide (UB My Scents Kits for sure!)

I think it's a huge opportunity to write some great articles and get ourselves out there. Currently this group has 443 members but is consistently growing so a perfect opportunity to network with them through this medium.

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Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

Ha! April's focus would be on organization (an area where I need help!) ;)

Thanks for sharing this with us - I will get warmed up for September where I will have something to offer!