Saturday, February 3, 2007

How to Find & Receive New Customers

1. Referrals: Show gratitude to customers who refer you. Offer a 10% discount on their next purchase or a free workshop when they refer someone to you. (only when the referral becomes a customer). Advertise this in your newsletter and tell class/workshop attendees about this special offer. Ask for help - ask people to tell others about you. Send out a survey about your class after they have attended, and ask for the names and addresses of three people they think would enjoy your product.

2. Testimonials: Ask about what they liked about the class/workshop in the survey, use in your newsletters.

3. Displays: a brochure or actual page in a doctor's office, preschool, Lamaze class, Travel agencies, adoption agencies, etc (avoid retail stores). Ask faithful customers if they belong to a group who would enjoy seeing your products.

4. Fair Booths: set up a booth at a craft fair, county fair, or other events. Check with churches, community recreation depts, preschools, local colleges, or the Chamber of Commerce.
5. Speaking Engagements: speak to church groups, Women's clubs, Auxiliary Clubs, MOPS groups, PTA's, civic organizations. Your local library should have a list of community organizations, etc.

6. Cross Promotions: share an open house with other direct sales businesses. Discovery Toys, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Creative Memories, Avon, etc. Enjoy the benefits of being exposed to someone else's mailing list. Avoid businesses with products similar to yours.

7. Build and Maintain a Prospect List: Make a list including everyone you can think of who might need your products and services. List friends, business associates, members of organizations you belong to, old school friends, people you buy products from, and more. NOW Contact them and see if they are interested or know anyone who might be.

8. Look in Newspaper/Church bulletins for birth announcements: send a brochure and an intro letter describing what you do. Follow-up with a phone call within two weeks of sending it (Hint: wait until the baby is 2 months old, giving the new family time to settle and pile up pictures).

9. Follow-up Phone Call to New Customers and Leads: see if they need any products or advice from you and ask if they would be interested in coordinating a Home Class.

10. Call your best customers or past class coordinators: see if they would enjoy coordinating another class with friends.

11. Contact Community Newspaper: send a press kit with personal letter and follow-up with a phone call within one week.

12. Carry an album with you (personal or demo): when attending a group function. You can immediately show people what you do!

13. Work on your personal albums: your credibility will be enhanced if you do albums yourself. You will be a better consultant and the excitement will come through as you teach, because you have first hand experience of the benefit of scrapbooking.

14. Carry an album in need of journaling: to appointments or places you sit. People will see you writing in it and may ask you about it.

15. Contact booster groups at high schools: help parents create an album of their child's school days/high school accomplishments, etc.

16. Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce: check out the benefits and responsibilities first. It could be good for business contacts and community expos or fairs they sponsor.

17. Join a leads club in your area: you will find new customers through this networking club. (Watch for annual costs).

18. Pursue girls clubs: look into Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, and 4-H Clubs. Mother-Daughter album projects could spotlight their club experiences.

19. Create an album for a coach or a teacher: thank you gifts highlighting their team/class are thoughtful as well as business promoting.

20. Brag about your customers accomplishments in your newsletter: when a customer finishes an album, broadcast this in your newsletter.

21. Send a gift certificate to your best customer: it is good for a free class that they should give to a friend. Enclose a goody for the customer (die cut, stickers, free workshop). Write a nice, personal note on pretty stationary thanking them for their help.

22. Tell everyone you talk to about what you do: open your mouth and
your calendar will be full and your business successful.

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