Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Selling to Urban Botanic customers by using WIIFM approach

Margaret in HI sent over a great newsletter article that I wanted to share out with the team. It really helps to put in perspective how to engage your customer and really understand the 2 things they are looking for! Features and Benefits!

"What's In It For Me?"

Once your customer knows that you can identify with her situation and feelings, you are free to discuss your product. There are two aspects of your product that you can emphasize:
(1) the features (content, quality, strength, durability, etc.) (2) the benefits (how it will solve your customer's problem)

Talking about the features is easier, and that is why those new to sales tend to talk about them first. You have been given a manual and training materials that discuss all of the features of every product in your line. You've studied them and memorized the ingredients and are ready to show off our knowledge. You must know the features inside and out, but only as backup material, not as an actual sales tool. The features of a product are often one of the last things your customer wants to know!

She doesn't care about the product itself, she wants to know what the product can do for her.
The seasoned salesperson knows that once your customer is ready to listen, she wants to hear how your product will benefit her. Picture your customer with a neon sign flashing above her head that says, "WIIFM" (what's in it for me?) Remember, effective sales come from the perspective of the customer.

"This bracelet is made with natural stones, is hand crafted, and comes in two lengths." (Features)Your customer is thinking, "So what? What will it do for me?"
Let's try that again...

"This bracelet will coordinate with your casual and business attire, needs minimal care, gives you that polished and classic look you said you liked, and will never slip off." (Benefits)
"I'll take it!"

Right now, take out a pice of paper and make three columns and label them "Product" "Features" and "Benefits". Start with your top five best selling products and determine the features and benefits of each. Once you get the hang of determining the difference, you'll be able to talk almost entirely about the benefits, which will increase your sales substantially.
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