Saturday, February 17, 2007

Joining the NDSN and starting a WA chapter

I'm so excited I could do a jig! I sent in my application to start a chapter of the National Direct Sales Network (see link as WA currently does not have a chapter. Lauri Hetzer on our team is part of this in Ohio and has told me some great things about it, including the monthly quarter auctions that are super cool.

I need 5 board members to get started and I have a few in mind currently. I'm going to be sending out an email to them and see who would like to join in my area. They meet 1x a month and have great discussions on what they learn from each other. This paragraph is from their site:

The National Direct Sales Network© started in 1997, when Melanie Moore, a high school English teacher in Ohio, decided she was tired of being alone in her direct sales home party business. She wanted to meet other direct sales business owners, and wanted to find other direct sellers to talk and share ideas with. When she discovered there were no other organizations that met the need of the direct sales and party plan need, she decided to start a brand new organization just for direct sellers, and the National Direct Sales Network was born.

The cool thing about this is that only one member of each company can be represented in a chapter. So this allows other chapters to be born in the state as well. WA will be the furthest west and I'm going to work out the kinks of start up and pass along my experience with the rest of you so you can start one up in your area if you have the time and ambition!

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