Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good Urban Botanic Party Last Night

You know you're getting good at the biz when a 4 person party still ends up being $200 in volume. It's funny how you actually come to expect those sales and they really begin happening. I'm dying to catch up with Anne in CO who had a party tonite and I hope it went really well for her.

This next Wednesday Kris Vanlew in WA has a 22 person staff appreciation event which will truly test her scent making capabilities with that many people, but I know once she finds those that are a natural, she'll get them to help her with the others and it should go really well. I am just so excited about all of our activity. I've been trying to keep up the team calendar on to show all of the parties and events The Hive has going and it's really getting excited. Don't forget to add your event if I've forgotten anyone.

It's getting hard to keep track now and that's exciting. We're getting close to the 20 Hive Members mark and that is so thrilling and such an accomplishment for all of us I'm loving it! With those of you working towards Team Scentsational I know that it will triple our Hive size in March and April! Everything is really coming together and is in place for us to turbo boost the company and being part of it is soo exciting!

My party tonite was with a Mary Kay rep that I'm having a party for tomorrow. She will be joining the new Direct Sales chapter I'm starting in South King County here in WA and I've got quite a few other companies interested in joining. I think it will be huge with the quarter auctions (like Lauri in OH is doing) and just meeting once a month to really share our direct sales learnings and help to train one another. According to her it's amazing how much I use the internet and how I can spread the word. Finding new customers and new groups to network with is a challenge for her.

I honestly think that our concept and products really speak to a lot of that. It's just not difficult to get referrals on these parties and I'm really enjoying the fact that I'm coming into the re-fill time for a lot of my past customers and hoping to see that really take off as well. I'm starting to keep better track of my customers and send out postcards or emails to remind them to come and make another scent or to think about gifts, parties, etc. for themselves.

It's been a good week for UB and I'm thankful that we have such an incredibly talented team to constantly inspire me!

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