Monday, February 26, 2007

Why are some people more successful than others?

Why are some people more successful than others?
by Kristina Cottrell

It's a one word answer. The word NO. Some people really have a tough time accepting the fact that they are going to hear the word NO fairly often. They get discouraged and feel rejected because they look at the word NO as a negative. Nothing could be further from the truth. The word NO, simply means that nothing changes.

Think about it. You approach your neighbor andask her to be your customer. She says NO. What changed? Is she still your neighbor? Yes. Did your income go up or down? NO. Nothing changed. It can't be negative; to be a negative things would have had to get worse, and they didn't. Everything remained exactly the same.

On the other hand, suppose she said YES. Now there are some positive changes. She receives personal service (a positive). You can see by this example that there are no negatives in our business. There are only positives.... And times when nothing changes. When Someone tells you NO, they are not rejecting you or your products. They are simply telling you that they are unable or unwilling to make any changes at the moment. Once you understand this, doing this business becomes a lot more fun.

So why not look for a way to make the word NO fun?

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