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Kicking it up a notch - your Urban Botanic team

This info comes from the Success Factory and is GREAT for team building...

Subject: Kicking it up a notch…

Dear TSF:
I have seen you speak in Memphis TN, and I religiously listen to the 4pack of CDs we got there, so I am coming to you for help! I am an Executive Director (highest level of recruiting), and I did over $30,000 in sales last year... but I am looking to step it up a notch - I need your advice about how to really take an already established, well running business to the NEXT LEVEL. I book parties from every party, and I have a pretty full schedule for 8 weeks out consistently. I have a team of 60+ who are doing pretty well, and I recruit from every party. I just need to do something to take it to the next level, cause I feel like I am "stalling out". Please help! Thanks so much - I look forward to your reply!!


Dear Lynsey -
First of all, congratulations on your business success - you are clearly treating your business like a business and that is SO SMART! You are DEFINITELY ready to move onward and upward and your question is so good that we will take the next couple of days for a “mini-series” to give you some tips on moving on to the next level.

We hope you already own John Maxwell's book “Developing the Leader Within You” (if you don't it is available on our website). What you will find is that in a nutshell - true growth is all about developing leadership in your organization. This process has many similarities to what you have done thus far to get your business to the point that it is already. (Remember, it is the same job, same job, same job)…

In order to have built your team to 60+ members, you worked from a pool of potential recruits. From that pool, some decided to join you in the business (and some did not - we SORT, we don't convince).

The same holds true when you begin to develop leaders in your organization, you are working from a pool of team members - some will decide to join you in leadership (and some will not - we SORT for the cream that will rise to the top!) Just as you focus on the specific reasons that your business would benefit a potential team member (extra income, fun, recognition, etc;) - you need to identify your potential team leaders in the same way. Interesting - leadership can offer the same benefits as joining the business can wouldn't you agree?

We look for “green flags” (people who seem interested in joining our business at our parties), now let's look for some “green flags” that can identify potential team leaders.

- Who is a consistent seller/recruiter?
- Who LOVES all the products and owns everything?
- Who attends every meeting, event and conference call?
- Who is always offering to help out?
- Who calls you with lots of questions?
- Who is a long distance team member? (This is a TRUE self starter and she needs to build a team in HER area!)
- Who tells you she wants to build her business and then DOES IT - who is a “no excuses” individual?
- Who asks you questions about what you do?
- Who takes the initiative to see help and is solution oriented (not a whiner)?
- Who IS a complainer? (This is one green flag that may surprise you - “the fact that you took the time to tell me how you feel tells me that you need to be a leader in this company because leaders have the ability to work towards change!”)

Now that you have identified your potential leaders, it is time to invite them to join your team of others who are like-minded. The synergy of consultants working together towards a common goal will help keep them focused, energized and encouraged.

Offer special conference calls for them that help them with fine tuning the basics of the business. Not only tips and challenges for recruiting, but helping them to systematize what it is that they do AFTER they sign on a new team member. Help them with any area that they feel uncertain of…(did you know that many people don't recruit because they have NO IDEA what they would do with someone if they DID join? Many people ALSO avoid asking others to join because they don't know how to do a recruiting interview or how to fill out the company paperwork)… These are simple things that people need to feel confident about in order to experience recruiting success!

Run contests and offer special recognition for this elite group. You WANT EVERYONE on your team to be aspiring to be leaders. Have the mind set of believing in them before they believe in themselves!

Don't forget that at TSF we offer conference calls with specialized training that will meet the specific needs of your aspiring leaders. If you love our CD's, you will find our continuing education calls invaluable!

Remember the importance of being “other centered”. Keep at the forefront the “why's” of leadership that will benefit the aspiring leader. Leadership must be HER goal for HER reasons. The worst mistake that you can make as a leader is to try to promote leaders in order to fulfill YOUR needs. Just like with recruiting, everyone listens to the same radio station - WIIFM (What's In It for ME?).

Zig Ziglar says: “Help enough other people get what THEY want and YOU will get what YOU WANT!” Use this as your mantra as you help others on your team to build their own teams and you will be amazed as the momentum builds and your organization explodes!

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