Thursday, February 8, 2007

Double Events = Double Success for Urban Botanic

I'm sorry I'm posting this a bit late today but I'm still recovering from an exciting and productive evening at The Chat Party and also after talking to Emie in OR who had The Affair of the Heart party! Both events were great but I think Emie came out the winner for sure.

We both ended at 9pm so I gave her a call on her cell when she was breaking down the booth to get an idea of how her event was. She was flying so high and I couldn't believe it! She actually ran out of business cards (she had 350) and brochures (100 of those) and DRAWING SLIPS for the giveaway! Luckily she had recruited a friend to go with her and help out at the booth and she said without her it would've been impossible. Emie ended up running to get more copies of slips and items they were missing while her friend manned the booth. For 2 hours they had 10 people at a time at the booth. She even sold 3 lotions! LOL

The really cool part is that she booked 15 (yes that's right!) parties, has 3 potential consultants from it, and 400 leads that entered the giveaway to follow up on! So it was immensely successful and the event is already sold out for next year but since Emie was there they are giving it to her again and for the same price as 2007! She has been working SO HARD this is completely deserved and I'm so excited for her and for the state of OR! She is recruiting her booth hand as well who was an absolute natural at explaining the process and getting people interested. I think she was one of the most popular booths and it was a huge success. One thing I noticed is that the event was FREE so that drew in a huge crowd and it was the perfect type of venue so we'll keep our eyes out for more like these in other areas.

My party was really fun as well. The Chat ladies were there and some people actually recognized me from the radio show. I didn't have a booth and was trying to figure out a way to become apparent to the ladies there so decided to wear my apron and name tag and have brochures in my hands at all times. I let them know that there was a goodie in their bag from me with my contact info and a sample and this brochure would explain more to them on the company and process, etc.

Towards the end of the party I also stood by the goodie bags to make sure everyone left with one and new about UB. For a fun moment I had my "lips" read by a Lipologist. She said that I hate being told what to do, can never be bored, am well trusted, very successful, and a true mentor. Well that made me feel pretty good considering what she was telling others! HAHA

She asked me to email her my experience and that she would like to put me in her book as I have the true "diamond" lip print. She asked if I had any diamonds in my life (very funny as well as my wedding ring is 4 carats and blingy to the max). She did say that I needed more affection and hugs in my life and so I thought that was really weird but probably true. So I'm loving the fact that I had that done and to finish it off I bought the book for the authors that were speaking at the party. As soon as I'm done with Never Eat Alone I'm moving onto The Girls Guide to Starting Your Own Business. The authors signed it for me so that was really fun!

So last night has been a big night for The Hive and am so psyched about this weekend as well as we have 4 Hive Parties so hoping that everyone has a very successful weekend and really enjoys their self. Thanks to Emie for her LEAP of faith for the event last night and keeping it real! (successful that is ;) - I will add some pictures from Emie's event and mine if they post them on the web in the next few days.

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Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

That is so awesome! Go Emie, Go Shawna - woohoo! :)