Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Using Fundraising to turbo boost your Urban Botanic business

Direct Sales Fundraising

Fundraising in a direct sales business can not only be very profitable, but can also increase your customer base dramatically!

There are so many organizations today looking to hold fundraisers with companies that offer quality service and outstanding products that sell!

A common mistake consultants tend to make, is not talking about fundraisers. A great way to get started with fundraising is simply offering the idea at your shows! Many direct sales reps never mention Fundraising during shows, however you never know who is at that show that may be in need of your fundraising services you can offer or that may know someone looking to hold a fundraiser!

The great part about offering fundraisers, is the opportunity to grow your customer based and the income fundraisers can produce with little work on the consultants end.
Here are a few tips on finding organizations in need of fundraising and tips on increasing sales with fundraisers!

1- Always offer the fundraiser opportunity at your shows! Even if it is just a catalog party, give your hostess a flyer explaining the benefits.

2- Contact your local day care centers, animal shelters, police association, little league sports coaches and tell them about the fundraiser opportunity you can offer them along with the benefits of choosing your company over others. When you make direct contact with each person or organization, you show your interests in helping them. If you do not feel comfortable calling them, create a fundraiser packet and mail it to each organization. This way they can contact you when they are in need of fundraising.

3- Cut into your profits a bit and offer them more! Let's say your company offers candle fundraisers and will give $2 per candle for each candle sold. If you can offer an additional .50 on each candle sold, this sounds like a huge difference in fundraising dollars! This can actually make a large difference in the amount the fundraiser will give the organization, however will also help you increase your chances to help this organization other another company! Fundraiser Coordinators are normally on the hunt for companies offering the most benefits, so make your stand out!

4- Once you gain a fundraiser and it is over, instead of giving the items to the organization to deliver, you deliver them! This will give you a chance to make contact with each person who placed an order. Allowing you the opportunity to tell each person about your company and handing out business cards, and catalogs. Just make sure that each customer provides a name, address, and phone number so that you may contactthem to arrange delivery.

If you are unsure of who you should contact here is a list of some places to help you get started!

1- Fire Stations
2- Police Associations
3- Day Care Centers
4- Cub Scouts
5- Girl Scouts
6- Churches
7- Animal Shelters
8- Pet Rescue Organizations
9- Little League Groups
10- Schools
11- Research Centers
12- Single Parent Groups
13- Battered Women's Shelters

And don't forget to read Lauri's blog on fundraising and charity events for even more info! (click on Lauri's blog on my main page)

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