Monday, February 12, 2007

Great Conference Call for Urban Botanic

Sunday night was a great call for February in The Hive. We covered a lot of ground and had some great insight from members that have completed some major events and shared their lessons learned and also their successes. To hear a replay of this call, please dial (641) 985-5009 - Access Code: 805628#

Some lessons learned from the call for me was to find out what would really motivate the team on contests, etc. 100% of the team wanted business supplies such as hostess items, brochures, goodies for clients, and of course $ towards ad placement or items to grow your business. We did have some spa items and personal rewards as well but it was a great lesson to me and we'll be implementing that on the Team Contests to come.

Angie also shared out a great idea to me after the call that her former upline had done fake $'s to earn points and prizes and especially business essentials as we talked about. So call attendance was $1 and then participating on the call was another $1. So I'm going to put something like that together as well to help you all earn some free business essentials and save that money from coming out of your own pocket! Holding your first party would be like $10, etc.

The homework for those that attended and all of you regardless before our next call is as follows:

  1. Come up with a new name for our Conference Call besides "Conference Call" - there will be 3 prizes to choose from for the winner and my business coach suggested that we name it something that when you "hear or see" the name, you think of a fun, juicy call, that you just don't want to miss no matter what!
  2. Email me what questions or concerns you'd like to cover in your 1:1. I will be setting up monthly 1:1s with each team member and can do them more often for our newbies :)
  3. For those that weren't on the call, please send me a list of what things would really motivate you to win a contest...

I'm so excited at all the incredible work you consultants are doing with UB. There are so many opportunities it's just amazing! I also try to find creative ways to go beyond the party angle, but honestly your bread and butter are PARTIES! So use new ways such as after hour boutique workshops, or bridal and women's shows, etc. to get you great leads into the home. Because home parties will continue to bring you the sales you need to be successful!

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