Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fabulous Post by The Make Up Girl on Urban Botanic

I was so excited to receive a call from The Make Up Girl (Lianne Farbes) to let me know that the UB post had gone live on her site... (see

It's an awesome article and made me feel sooo good after the work I put into her custom fragrance. It's also another testimonial about how much everyone LOVES our products and what an incredible concept we have. You can see the way I named it definitely hit a note with her on the positive side. UB is so personal it really makes things special!

Wednesday is the Chat with Women Party and Emie's Debut at "Affair of the Heart" in Eugene, OR. See these link for more info on the audience that will be there:

We have so many awesome things going on in The Hive right now. Kris had a fun super bowl party this weekend and sold 3 perfumes and one to a guy! She's got 12 people coming to her party on the 11th so that will be huge for her! Kelsey has her first party this Saturday the 10th.
I know that Mary Ann and Denise are getting ready for their firsts and Karen also has an event the end of the month and Angie has another bridal fair.

It's a buzzing of activity and it's really paying off! Irene had an open house and is booking a party from it and sold $65 worth to one person! I love when I do the google alerts on Urban Botanic and see your Craig's List ads and all kinds of different posts, blogs, etc. It's just amazing how far we've come in such a short time!

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