Monday, April 16, 2007

Crossing the “T's” and dotting the “I's" in your Urban Botanic Business

Great stuff from The Success Factory...

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The sale is not made until the customer places her order, pays for it, and the order is submitted.
The same holds true when signing on new team members. The paperwork needs to be filled out, a kit choice made, payment collected and the agreement form submitted to Home Office.

Why is it that for some of us, submitting an order for product is so much easier than submitting a new consultant agreement? Somehow, more often than not, if we are actually successful booking a recruiting appointment - we end up leaving the job done halfway. We are afraid to cross the “t's” and dot the “I's” for fear of being too pushy.

“OK, thanks so much - I'll leave this information with you to take home and think about it and then I'll call you later.” How many times have you heard yourself saying those exact words and then later never comes? We are so PROUD of ourselves for just having made the appointment and met with the customer that we drop the ball when it comes to finishing up the transaction.

So, shift your paradigm just a bit. Signing a new team member is as simple as selling product - in fact you ARE selling product - the product is the business opportunity. So, treat it no differently - whenever possible - don't leave the table without finishing your transaction.

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Sandra said...

I was thinking that very thing just yesterday! I made an appointment with myself to get on the ball and call those that are "thinking" about it and get those t's crossed and I's dotted and then in the future to not leave it undone for a later time!