Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tip from Success Factory

Subject: Team challenges…

Jennifer writes:

I am having a hard time coming up with new challenges to do with my team. Any suggestions?

Dear Jennifer - that's a great question, thanks so much for writing.

Team challenges should be based on team goals - reward what it is you are trying to achieve - sales, recruiting or promoting leaders are the obvious categories you might think of at first. However, think of “activity based” challenges as well. Perhaps you might reward anyone who comes to the next meeting having made 100 phone calls since the last meeting. No matter what the results, they get a prize for the activity. Remember, the numbers will always start to work in their favor - activity will bring results!

Here's another thought that takes the pressure off of you as the team leader. Rather than trying to come up with an idea yourself, why not have the TEAM decide what the contest/challenge should be for the month and (if you are brave and they are reasonable) they can decide what the reward will be as well. This keeps things fun and light and also helps the cream (your new team leaders) begin to rise to the TOP.

Challenges can also be unique to individuals on your team. Have team members state a personal goal to the group and then write it down on a self addressed postcard. You gather the postcards and mail them to each individual (as a reminder) a week after the meeting (be sure to add a note of encouragement.) The team member who comes back with their postcard goal completed gets a prize.

Finally, think about networking with other team leaders in your company to see what kinds of activities they are doing with their teams to keep things fun, upbeat and MOVING FORWARD.

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Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

Great tips! Having people come up with their own challenges and ways to be accountable ensures buy-in and helps generate a sense of ownership over the task.

It's amazing how that kind of approach can work well in so many facets of our lives (kids, partners and housework, day jobs, community service, etc.).