Thursday, April 5, 2007

TSF Building Confidence - the key to success

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New team leaders often get sidetracked when they first promote in rank. They have a new title. They are excited. They feel as though somehow their role has changed and it is now time to “manage” the people on their team… “I'm a new manager, now what?”… is often their mantra.
Well, the “now what” is simple. Keep doing what it is that you did to promote in rank.
Spend 90% of your time being a great consultant and 10% of your time coaching team members.
*FACT - Your team's perception is that they can do ½ of what you do. So if your team sales goal is $2000 for the month we recommend that for the first couple of months that you are a team leader, you aim for that sales goal all by yourself WITHOUT the help of your team. WHY? This is a HUGE confidence builder for you. By being a strong seller, you will never have to worry if you have a month where half of your fledgling team gets pregnant and has morning sickness and the other half moves to a new state.

BONUS - If you are hitting your TEAM numbers month after month ALONE that means you are doing lots of parties. IF you are doing lots of parties, you are also meeting lots of new people. New people=new team members. New team members=more team sales. More team sales means you only need do those TEAM numbers for a few months by yourself.

EXTRA BONUS - When you are selling strong, your team will mirror what you do and your team will be doubling or tripling team sales and recruiting goals. Extra commissions, extra overrides, extra income - basically there is NO downside.

Consistency develops competence. Competence develops CONFIDENCE and CONFIDENCE is the KEY to SUCCESS in your business!

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