Saturday, April 7, 2007

What's hot from Bath & Body Works for summer? How about their cool tempations line that is SOOOO EASY TO RE-CREATE I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bath & Body Works Temptations
Melon Cooler™

HONEY, I DO. "Bring me another," she said. "This time I'd like an orange one." By changing something as simple as the color of her cocktail umbrella, everything seemed new. Yes, she was a woman who loved variety in each and every thing she did. From shoes to companions to vacation destinations–she simply couldn't understand how anyone could enjoy the same thing twice when there were so many unique experiences to be had in the world. Next, she would test her European accent at the beach. Domestic.

The clear, fresh scent of juicy honeydew melons, raspberry and orange (yes we have these 3 in the kit!)

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American Girl realbeauty inside and out™
Limited Edition Wish and Wash Shower Gel
Sunny Orange

The rich, creamy lather rinses easily to leave skin feeling soft and conditioned, and scented with a sunny blend of juicy oranges and vanilla ice cream. Domestic.

(Use Mandarin and Vanilla and maybe just a touch of brown sugar)

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