Monday, April 2, 2007

Work/Life Balance in your Urban Botanic business

SUBJECT: HELP! I'm spinning out of control!!!

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“When I'm working my party plan business I feel like I should be spending time with my family and when I'm spending time with my family, I feel guilty because I'm not making my phone calls. I always feel like I'm out of balance.”

Sound familiar? The issue of family/business balance is an occupational hazard can be a common malady for anyone who works from home.

“Balance” is about putting time into your business so that you can genuinely enjoy the time off. By making wise choices and feeling good about what you do, you will establish a sense of harmony in your life.

Here are some practical tips to get you started:

Run a part-time, not a spare time business. Use the “one a day” formula to build a successful, profitable business. Each day do just one of the following:

  • Recruit someone
  • Book a party
  • Hold a party
  • Add A Customer/Sell product
  • Get organized enough to function, avoiding extremes. Being disorganized can mean wasting time trying to find what you need to function. The opposite is spending so much time “playing office” that you don't conduct any business.
  • Interact with your family and team members based on their Love Language and Personality types. That way, the time you spend with them is quality time.
  • Don't multi-task. Be in the moment, ie; when you are reading to your kids don't answer the phone.
  • Post a visible schedule for “office hours” and play/family time. That way everyone knows what to expect…without surprises! Be proactive to reduce stress.
  • Finish month end sales by the 25th of the month
  • Close and submit orders immediately
  • Have 2-3 standard “party” outfits, ready to go.
  • Cook double and freeze ahead for party nights
  • Use Mom's Day Out, babysitting co-ops, or Pre-school to get work done

Finally and most importantly, pay attention to your needs, both physically and emotionally. A wise woman once posed a question to me that I have never forgotten - “Who is taking care of YOU?” Working towards balance is a must. Do your best NOT to neglect your daily quiet and exercise time; even if it means getting up a little early or staying up a little late at night. It will make all the difference in the world!

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