Saturday, April 21, 2007

TSF on Income Goal Worksheets for your Urban Botanic business

We talk frequently about the fact that this is a Y.O.B. (Your own business) not a JOB. WE are in charge, we determine when and how much we work and WE determine if and when we want a raise in pay. Here's a great tool to help you to better control your monthly income.

Please note - this worksheet is based on your personal sales production only. Any income earned from team members should be considered as BONUS income.
Complete the following:

My Income Goal for the month of ______________: $____________
Income Goal: $__________ ÷_____% (your commission rate) = Sales needed
Sales needed ÷Average Party sales (your average party)* = Number of parties needed this month

*To determine what YOUR average party sales are, total the sales from your last six parties and divide by 6. That number should give you an idea of your average sales this time of year. Six parties is a good sampling because it assumes that two of the parties were above average, two were below and two were about average.

This is also a great coaching tool to use with your team members!

Shawna's Note:

Our Goal Worksheet in the UB Library is even more amazing and helps you figure out "how" your team can influence that income number.

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