Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Doing the unexpected for your Urban Botanic customers

We had a GREAT Hive Talkin call last night and for those of you that couldn't be there "live" you can listen to it again and again at: (641) 985-5009 Access Code: 805628# - A special thank you to everyone that was able to attend and participate. Our calls are so much more exciting and engaging when you do!

Below find some great advice from The Success Factory...

Ours is a service industry. We can, if we choose, run circles around retailers - especially the Big Box Stores - in the area of customer service.

Customer loyalty is birthed from amazing customer service. Amazing customer service comes from doing the unexpected.

- How surprised would your customer be to receive a birthday card from you?
- How much MORE surprised would she be if you phoned and personally wished her a happy birthday?
- How surprised would your customer be if you personally delivered that last minute birthday gift?
- How much MORE surprised would she be if it arrived already wrapped?
- How surprised would a customer be to receive a hand written thank you note?
- How much MORE surprised would she be if you sent her one just for taking your phone call (even if she didn't book a party today?)

Get the idea? Put on that thinking cap. Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Amazing customer service is all about being treated the way you'd LOVE to be treated yourself.

Go ahead - do the unexpected. You may be AMAZED at the results!


GramyTami said...

You are so right about the customer service opportunity here. When I left my job in january I was talking to my son about what I wanted to do and I told him I wasn't sure I just knew that I wanted it to involve "customer service". That is the one thing I loved about my job at the City. He suggested I go to work for the customer service location for Amazon.com in Kennewick, but it just didnt't feel "right". I am so glad that I didn't and found this tremendous vehicle to provide wonderful customer service. I loved what Mckenna had to say about making the connection with the people who attend our parties. That is just the most amazing thing and like you said we can run circles around the box stores. Thanks for your leadership and support as I get off the ground with this incredible company!

Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

Those are some great tips about ways we have a customer service advantage over a big box retailer.

I recently had a request for a gift certificate from a woman who wanted to buy something for her mom's birthday. I worked with her mom over the Internet to create a scent for a bubble bath and when I shipped it off, I included a handwritten happy birthday note to her. It felt good to do such a personal touch!

Angie said...

Great ideas! I was recently wondering how to make samples and products I send through the mail more special and I am going to send them in small drawstring organza bags to class them up a bit. (check out www.papermart.com)

UB Queen Bee said...

Ok I'm so psyched about all of you commenting. It's really making a difference and your perspectives always amaze me because I have a hard time thinking of the box in certain areas (like customer service LOL) so thank you all!