Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hive Member Spotlight - Lauri Hetzer - OH

My birthday is June 2nd and this year I'll be the big 3-0. My kids are Rowan, who's 5, which, should you ever call and she answers the phone she will quickly tell you, Liam is 2, going to be 3 on June 8th, and Zoe is 18 months.

A fun fact about my kids, they are all born on the 8th of their birth month. The first two were a fluke, but Zoe was talent. :) I'm a stay at home mom, and before that I worked in arts marketing and PR. I was also an actress and a dancer/teacher for a number of years.

I have always adored perfume and fragrances. I went to school for Chemical Engineering because it's what I always wanted to do. When I stumbled on UB, it was a no brainer. Most my family members are broke or far away. I do bounce ideas off my baby sister (currently setting the curve in her MBA program in Texas), but mostly it's my husband, friends and the Hive who are always lifting me up.

I am pretty much across the board (see Aimee's, that's pretty much it right there!) leaning towards floral. Woodsy and Leafy come up next, but I also deviate and lean to the fruities sometimes. But just some of them. It was pretty much right on target for me!

I am definately a business builder. Business is kind of a hobby of mine, and I love all the marketing and PR work I've been able to do with UB! I'm optimistic to a fault. I never believe there's anything I can't do. It's got me banged up a couple of times, especially in dance, like the time I recreated vaudeville's famous pointe and ball bearing technique and almost broke my neck, but I still always believe I can do it!

Shawna's fun and crazy questions...

If you were a tree, which type would you be and why?

A Christmas tree. Because I love Christmas.

If you had $1000 handed to you for UB Marketing, how would you spend it?

That's a toughie! Probably local print ads, and preparing presentations for large scale partnerships.

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