Friday, April 13, 2007

Phone Scripts on the Way to "warm up" your Urban Botanic Business

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Hi Team!

Angie Davis had a WONDERFUL idea for me to come up with some phone scripts on how I call different contacts to help those of you who are new to the personal approach (ie not email ;)

I'm having her and Lauri review the ones I've done currently on the following topics and then I'll be adding them to the team site for your use. While I'm in the middle of it, I wanted to know if we'd covered most everything or if there were some topics others might need. These are the ones in process:

  • Contacting a potential consultant lead from your Prospect Manager
  • Contacting a potential consultant lead from your PM after already leaving a message
  • Phoning a Product Info Request Lead
  • Contacting a local prospect for a party (ie they requested one on your site)
  • Contacting a non-local prospect for a party (they requested a party but are out of your area)
  • Customer Care Follow Up Call
  • Contacting Business partnership relationship after sending info

Let me know if there are any missing here by adding comments to this blog.

I also want to announce a new call for team builders in The Hive. It's called "Building Your Bees Nest" and anyone that has a downline in The Hive will be invited to attend. We will have it every other month so that we don't get too crazy in tying up your schedules but it will be a great venue to help all of us become better leaders and discuss challenges team members may be having that we could use help addressing and learning the process to help our designers become more self sufficient and build teams of their own.

Once you have a Designer in your down line, the call details will be sent to you automatically!

I'd also love comments on the blog from Designers that have questions not covered in New Hive Member Orientation they would like assistance on.

We have one other thing up our sleeve, but I'll leave the details for our next team newsletter. I hope your April is starting off on the right foot and that Mother's Day is something on your minds in helping you to market more product and more workshops!

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