Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What it "takes" to become UB Scentsational!

Before I post about this incredible accomplishment that Kelsey has had this week and her interview on "making UBS," I wanted to remind all of you that are new to The Hive we have our New Member Orientation Call tonight at 7:00pm PST/8:00pm MST/9:00pm CST/10:00pm EST at (712) 775-7000 Code: 805628#

Please review the NMO document on TeamBurst.com - Login: hivemember Password: thehive

Looking forward to helping you get your buzz on with Urban Botanic!

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So on to our fun and inspirational interview with Kelsey Foster, our newest addition to UB Scentsational! I am so impressed with this incredible "bee" and eveything that she brings to the team. I never tell her enough how excited I am to be in business with her and have her as part of my life. I can always depend on her to tell the truth and give me honest feedback without holding back and I treasure that friendship we've been building.

Lauri H and I were talking the other day about the incredible stage this company is in and how at a former company she had been involved with she had been attending a convention and was in the elevator with 2 girls that were talking about meeting this incredible leader in the company and the fact they had "actually shaken hands with her." It was Lauri's upline and she found it so surreal. What's amazing is we are going to be the leaders that are being talked about in the elevators at UB conventions and I know that leading by example is a huge part of how those conversations will go. Kelsey has NO WORRIES in this department and I'm excited to see her team grow. She is 2 away from her promotion as Manager and I better hurry up before she catches me on directs! WAY TO GO KELSEY!

In Kelsey's words, what it takes to make UBS...

What is the #1 reason you wanted to become UB Scentsational?

If I am given a challenge or a goal, I strive to meet it. So even though the perks for UBS are outstanding, I think the #1 reason I wanted to accomplish becoming UBS is simply to say I did it and to prove to myself that I will be successful with UB.

How were you able to find your 3 recruits for UBS and what helped you to recruit them into UB?

The recruiting sort of fell into my lap. I had some great success early on in getting fantastic exposure for UB on two blogs. Three of my five team members came to me from that exposure.

Was doing the volume for UBS difficult? How did you manage that?

The volume was the harder part for me. I have focused so much of my energy on marketing that I haven't been following up with parties. So at the end of my UBS qualifying period I placed a substantial order to meet my volume requirements.

As a new UBS member what is the thing you look forward to the most in the rewards?

Right now, the $300 check to cushion my bank account for the big order I just placed! haha

I am looking forward to the jewelry and the special perks surrounding conventions. Also, in a few weeks when I have more parties, I am treating myself to a new Coach purse with my $300 reward to celebrate achieving this goal.

How will you help your downline become UBS?

Any new recruits that come my way I will sign up under my downline. I also have asked them to give me their short and long-term goals so I can offer advice and help where I can to help them reach their goals.

I also offered them all a special reward for meeting the 60-day milestone for UBS. :)

Any words of wisdom for those working towards UBS?

Keep focused on your goals and keep getting the word out about UB. The hard work you do might not have a direct result right at first but those "seeds" can be ready to harvest just around the 60-90 day mark! Don't be afraid to ask your upline and other veteran UBers for help. This is an incredibly supportive group of women with lots of ideas on how you can succeed.


Kelsey aka MamaSpice said...

awww...you are too kind. I soooo appreciate your guidance and mentoring. There is no doubt in my mind that I have been able to succeed in UB thus far with your help and influence! :)

Angie said...

Congratulations, Hive Buddy! You deserve it! ~Angie