Friday, July 27, 2007

Dealing with Party Cancellations

I really liked this approach from an outside rep...

Party Plan Biz Tips
From Direct Sales Reps Like You!! Dealing with Party Cancellations

Are you struggling with cancellations? Try the "something now--something later" approach, and you'll have a more stable calendar.

The first rule to remember about party plan customers is that they love instant gratification. This principle applies whether or not your products are available the night of the show or have to be ordered. Take full advantage of the instant gratification principle without breaking your bank with cancellations.

Many times we offer a free gift on the spot for a booking. That's a great idea, but it can leave you holding the bag if your hostess cancels.

Why not try this: offer a small gift at the show for booking, but offer a variety of items as your official booking gift. I set up a special area in my display just for nicer booking gifts. Here's the dialogue:

"Ladies, tonight is double bonus night when you schedule a show with me. I have some special dates available, and when you pick one, you'll get two gifts! The first gift you'll take home tonight. For the second gift, you can choose any item from this area, and I'll bring it to your show!"

Take out a roll of masking tape and allow her to write her name on a strip. Have her put the tape on the bottom of the bigger booking gift that she'll get later so that she gains a sense of ownership.

Explain that you need the item for your display, so she can't take it home that night, but you'll be bringing it with you to her show. You'll be amazed at how many more people will stick with their date and hold their shows for that free gift!

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