Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sidewalk Sales and other Fun Summer Stuff - TSF

Depending on what part of the country you live, summertime can bring all sorts of fun outdoor events. Take advantage of this time of year to meet new customers, clear old inventory and in general, gear your business up for the fall. Here are some quick ideas:
Sidewalk sales - If the retail establishments in your town conduct these, see if you can tag along!
Farmer's Markets -Many local Farmer's Markets allow vendors. Check with your local organizer.

Fairs/Festivals - County, state, balloon fests, eating extravaganzas and every food festival imaginable; you name it. It may not too late to be a part of these high traffic events, check it out with the organizers. You might even get a spot at a discount if booths are still available.

Garage Sales - Clean out the basement, garage and closets and participate in your neighborhood garage sale. Don't forget to have a separate table displaying your products with lead cards. Remember, this is a bargain shopper's paradise and what better bargain than to get your products discounted or FREE as a hostess?

Today's “best comeback” comes from one of our favorite ex-team members. When a customer flaunted the fact that she had purchased a product that our company sold new for $36.00 at a garage sale used for just $5.00, here was Sally's comeback (feel free to use it yourself). “Oh, that's a shame, I wish I'd known. I could have gotten you a brand new one for FREE as one of my hostesses!”

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