Monday, July 2, 2007

July is the month for FIRSTS!

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I've decided that July is truly the month of 1sts!

Having just returned from Hoop Fest with Dallon I'm tired but rejuvenated with life and business in general. I am so proud of my almost 8 year old I could tear up! He was amazing and I'll share some pictures and video as soon as I can but I wanted to share the exciting journey. Saturday they played their first game at noon. It was a bit rough. They were nervous and not really on with their shots but they held their own and only lost by one point in overtime.

The next game they played was much better. So much better they won 20/1 and creamed the other little guys. Their confidence was high and they were truly the team we knew they were. Hoop Fest is a double elimination and truly street ball so the rules aren't real clear, the players are super aggressive and my little guy was playing kids 2 years older than him for the most part. So it's every parent's nightmare.

Game 3 was also Saturday and at the time limit we were one point ahead and were sure it was victory. Nope! You have to win by 2 or the first team to 14. Of course the score was 14/13 and a very sad day for these little guys. A lot of them fell apart and were crying, but not my son! He was actually tired and happy. He said "those guys were really hard Mom!" I said "Yes they were, and you held your own and almost won!" He was really pleased with how hard he played and I LOVE how he re-acts to losing when he gives it his all. I know he learns that from the same attitude I've learned from my parents and that's that it's more important to do your best and play the game than whether you succeed or fail. Because every time you fail you are closer to succeeding!

So back to 1sts. Your homework is to experience 2 firsts today!

#1 - Go check out your UB site and experience all the new technology, take the test again and see the Signature Collections pop up and truly experience what your potential customers will soon have access to!

#2 - Listen to my radio show today at and give me some great feedback as to what you liked and how you might have answered the questions differently! Then comment on those answers so we can all experience them!

#3 - Go make your own 1st today - whether that's giving out a business card to someone you don't know, approaching a boutique or salon, or just talking to a potential recruit about the business!

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