Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ok I'm seriously exhausted. New braces, laryngitis, a cold, and cold medicine including a birthday party for my son with 40 people in 85 degrees sweating to death and thanking the Lord for a tree with shade and a bday party that lasted 2 hours on the dot.

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My son is fried and just laying on the couch chilling and looking around at his presents while watching Sponge Bob. (Which I find to be the most annoying and whiny cartoon EVER!)
Tomorrow is D-Day for Downtown Dog Lounge so I'll be dropping off 535 samples (I ran out of strawberry for the recipe so will fill the others later and drop those off in a few weeks) to get things started for them and I'm very excited to see what type of "buzz" this starts. I feel like the company wide guinea pig so hopefully I'll have WONDERFUL news to share with all of you on this investment in a couple of weeks. At the least I hope to do a nice amount of personal volume and up my RSV selling perfume spray and bubble bath to puppy owners in the Seattle area.

100 postcards left to do for the La Mode Fashion Show and those can ship and then 300 for the Crave Party due by 8/2 and I'm done for summer events! Woo Hoo! The best news of all - my house will start to look like a house and not a factory! I have boxes stocked to the ceiling and postcards everywhere, sample jars and perfume vials all over counters, kitchen tables, and the living room - it's NUTS! I love the activity and the excitment that planting all these seeds will bring in the fall and late summer. I've already had 2 party requests booked and I already mentioned the $200 in RSV from website orders so those are very exciting! A couple of them are even interested in becoming Fragrance Designers so this is REALLY exciting! I can feel the recruiting in the team picking back up again and I know we'll be at 40 by the end of August so that's exciting. If I could have 50 on the team by end of August that would be 50 team members in 1 year which would be amazing! It's all sinking in again and feeling wonderful! Now if I could just tap some of my sons energy I'd be good to go!

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Angie said...

You busy, busy woman!!
PS I love Spongebob!