Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Short Blog in lieu of Braces ...

So today is short and sweet due to the fact I'm getting BRACES - yes at age 37 it just doesn't feel as cool! I did want to note some fantastic findings as of late...

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If you didn't get your email yesterday we just added our 33rd Hive Member, Jennifer D in MA! Welcome again to Jennifer.

Avis B received her first blogger post at http://15minbeauty.blogspot.com/2007/07/urban-botanic.html so make sure to read up it's an awesome post and I'm so proud of Avis for pioneering the UB name in Cally! (if it wasn't your first blogger Avis my bad but we're celebrating anyway ;)

I will be finishing the LAST of my DTDL samples and getting those up there by the weekend. I've also been asked to do a silent auction again where I will be giving away a bday party like Kelsey did and seeing how that goes. I'm actually excited about it! I've got birthday post cards to give out at the station for those that are interested as well so that could be very cool. And I just received a party request and a lot of request for FD info as well so July is not only getting hotter (literally here in Seattle) but is proving to be very productive!

So much for my short and sweet post but you love me still right? Have a great Tuesday and keep your heads up! Things are starting to sizzle!

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