Saturday, July 14, 2007

Leading By Example in your Urban Botanic Business

SUBJECT: William and Harry…

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I admit to a certain curiosity when it comes to the `royals'. So, it was with fascination and wonder that I watched NBC's coverage of Matt Lauer's interview with the now very grown up and handsome Prince William and Prince Harry.

The question that I was most interested in was when Matt Lauer asked the princes if their parents, Charles and Diana, had officially sat them down to discuss the expectation that they be proactive and involved in philanthropic activities - particularly those related to people far less fortunate than themselves. Basically, their reply indicated that this had not happened, but that charitable works - especially those of their mother - were just a part of their everyday conversations (around the dinner table so-to-speak).

Prince Harry said, “ it would just come out in conversation about you know what she'd been doing that day or how she felt”.

It was what they heard about and were exposed to all the time because that was Diana's passion and focus. Whether it was speaking out for AIDS, working with sick children or her interest in victims of landmines - it was a very large part of who she was. Even though her sons were just 12 and 15 when she died, the impact that she had on them and who they have become as young men is clearly evident.

This is true in so many aspects of life. Children tend to emulate what their parents role-model. If parents are readers - and books are valued in their home - children tend to read more. If parents are physically active - taking time to work out, go for walks, ride a bike or play tennis - their children probably follow suit.

In a workplace environment, this can also hold true. Author John Maxwell talks about the “Law of the Lid” - that employees or team members rise only as high as their leader, no higher. This why in our business we often see that if a leader is a strong seller, her team sells well and if she is a strong recruiter, then her team will recruit well too.

Not only does the leader lead by example but it is just part of “what she does and what she talks about” based on her focus and passion. A leader who is a strong recruiter talks about it all the time...(last night on my recruiting appointment, I left my business card with someone I met in line at the grocery store, my new recruit is so excited because…). It is so much a part of who she is and how she operates her business that her team will pick up on it and follow her role model in this area.

It may never be an actual TALK that she has with her team to say, “We are now going to be a strong recruiting team.” Like with the royals, it comes out in conversation naturally - a culture is created.

What culture do YOU want to create in YOUR team?

Shawna's Note: I love the emails from The Success Factory because they really get me thinking. The law of the lid totally makes sense. I've had 2 party requests this week and things are really starting to flow and I need to continually share with you all what I'm doing to make things flow and really take off so that I'm leading by example. If you ever need to talk, brainstorm, or vent, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone!

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