Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ruff Ruff Grrrr

495, 496, 497 and still counting! I'll be ending up with 800 sample vials to deliver to Downtown Dog Lounge before 7/15. It's a lot of work but I think (and pray) it will be a huge success and the samples are looking so good I just love it.

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The front of the postcard I'll have to take a pic of as the pdf won't load. The back of the postcard wording is super cute and thanks to Kelsey will hopefully bring in lots of interested owners:

All-natural conditioning doggy wash and shiny-coat
puppy perfume...all in a special fragrance designed just
for your best friend. Design a fragrance for yourself, too,
and hit the town!

Choose from over 60 different perfume oils to create a
pawsitively perfect scent!

Contact Shawna Straub with Urban Botanic to schedule
an appointment!

I've also posted the directions I'm using to include with the sample postcards and perfume vial on the TeamBurst site. For those that can't wait to see it I've posted the directions below...

"Urban Botanic's Pawsitively Posh is best applid by applying to your dog's brush and then combing through the top coat area. Keep this product away from the under side where dogs tend to lick often and when purchasing a full size spray, cover dogs eyes before spraying directly on dog. This product contains no alcohol. It is infused with silk amino acids that are great for a shiny coat."


Diane said...

are you making up the small perfume vials and attaching them to the post cards?
I know you had a postcard for the women's expo. do you do a different card for each event?

UB Queen Bee said...

Yes I do different postcards for each event and have some generic depending on what it is. I use double sided tape on the postcards for the perfume vial.