Tuesday, July 3, 2007

TSF On Your Order Form - The Most Powerful Tool

In our business it is often said that no one ever organized himself or herself into management. Over the years TSF has watched many consultants organize themselves right out of business. Spending too much time “playing office” will prove fatal to your business; and we all know, it is always easier to be online, or making new fliers and “forms” for our business than it is to pick up the phone or go out prospecting, right? Our email today will offer one very simple solution to your organizational dilemmas.

We talked about knowing your customer on a more personal basis. You have in your possession what we at TSF consider to be THE MOST powerful organizational tool for the party plan business. And the best thing about it is that you do NOT need to know tons about computers or computer software to be able to use it. In fact, you don't really need a computer at all, so this system is VERY duplicatible as you grow your team of consultants. Train them to use this powerful tool as well. So, what is this tool that you ALREADY HAVE IN YOUR POSSESSION?

Are you ready? Are you sitting on the edge of your chair? Here it comes…

It is your CUSTOMER ORDER FORM! How simple is that?? Too simple you might say…well maybe so, but simple is good, right?

Think about the ways you can use your customer order form for good customer service…
1) At your parties, have customers use this as their “Wish List”. Throughout your presentation, encourage them to make notes or check off items they find of interest. THINK about the information you will glean.

2) When working individually with the customer to complete her order, be sure the order form is filled out completely. Most companies ask for additional information from a customer on that order form (and if yours doesn't, just ask for it!). Make it a part of your job when adding up her order. You might say something like, “Just so we have filled this form out completely, if I gave you some information about the company would you read it?” “Do you want to host a party at any point in the future?” (If yes, or maybe, find out when) “Do you want to know about our specials?” And yes, she will tell you the date of her birthday or anniversary, all you need do is ask!

3) Look at what she orders! Look at what she doesn't order but checked off. By asking permission to call when related products or products she couldn't afford right now go on special, you have opened the door for great future customer service. You also may be able to book a party down the road (if not that night) so she can earn products on her wish list for free.
When pulling customer order forms to do phoning, you will have huge amounts of information at your fingertips. Add notes each time you speak with her. Pay attention, ask questions, and make notes of your conversation for future reference. Listen, listen, listen and write, write, write. You will have volumes of information to be able to service that customer very well in the future.


UB SoCal said...

Wow Shawna the talk show went great! You sounded confident and really knowledgeable about both UB and Direct Sales. Did you know the questions before hand? You seemed so prepared to answer the questions. I loved your answer about loving what you do even if you didn't get paid to do it! Awesome answer! Once again, you amaze me!

UB Queen Bee said...

I did have the questions ahead of time so I made sure to prepare and write out my answers and that was really helpful so I wasn't nervous, etc. ;)

UB SoCal said...

Ooops! I just realized I posted under the wrong blog! Sorry. I meant to respond to your previous blog regarding "July is the Month for Firsts" - your radio show!